Sunday, February 05, 2012

Bunny Bunz - Keeper Of Buns

I posted this on my selling blog but thought I'd share it here too.

Ms. Bunny Bunz is a very unusual bunny.  
She prefers cinnamon buns over carrots any day.
( Well, duh, who doesn't you might think to yourself).  
Ms Bunz found an old flour sifter in a trash heap and made it her home.  It was yellow and quite dull so she had a wonderful idea, why not add some sparkle!  
She already had some plants growing in her little abode, such as ivy and eucalyptus, why not plant some cinnamon bun seeds too!!  What an ingenious idea!  
Ms Bunz is so clever.  
She stands guard over her wonderful garden home as Keeper Of Buns.

Please keep out of reach of children, as the sifter is covered with German glass glitter and if the sifter is not held by the handle ( no glass glitter here) little ( and big) fingers might get cut.

 Price:  $25.00 + shipping



  1. How cute! Too bad I don't collect bunnies!


  2. Oh she is so cute and those cinnamon buns look so yummy.