Friday, February 24, 2012

It's Been A While Since I Posted

 I've been very busy filling some wholesale orders.  Thought I would give this a try on a few of the items I make and surprisingly have done fairly well so far.  I just hope I haven't overextended myself.
Time will tell.
I'm the eldest of 7 siblings.  We are spread out all over, 2 of us are in Pennsylvania, 2 in Nevada, 1 in Michigan, 1 in North Carolina and 1 in Indiana.  The last time we were all together was in 1999 for my youngest daughter's HS graduation party.  Six of us were together in 2000 when our mom passed away.  We are trying to all get together for a little family reunion in Vegas end of April.  Two of my brothers are going for sure and the two that live in Nevada are in Pahrump and Las Vegas.  That leaves 3 of us who are trying to figure out if we can go too.  I want to go in the worst way as I'm afraid this would be the last time we could all be together again, at least while we are still alive.  I don't mean to sound morbid but it seems that all good intentions to get together go out the window until there is a funeral. Keeping my fingers crossed!
Well, I better get back to the craft table, I still have 40 prim pears,  23 bunnies with bendable ears and 18 Easter bunnies to make........sure hope my sewing machine doesn't give out on me, it's never had a workout like this week!



  1. Hi Denise, glad your wholesale business is doing well. Hope you get to go on the trip. I am the youngest of 7 siblings. We don't get together much either.
    Hope your sewing machine holds up. :-)

  2. Wow, that is a lot to make! My family is the same way, I have a sister in FL & MO, brothers in KS, KY and MI....We haven't all been together since 1991, I think. I know it is tough to get every one in the same place at the same time! Good luck with it and happy sewing!


  3. Oh my Denise. So much work to do! Mom's family is all over the East Coast and South. Good Luck getting together!
    Oh, I have a button now if you'd like to have it, I grabbed yours a while ago :)

  4. Good luck on getting together, do whatever you can to make it work. You are right, too often it ends up at funerals. Wow, you must be crazy with that much to do...hoping that your machine holds out!


  5. Goodness you are busy! I hope all of your family can make the trip. It is wonderful to be able to spend some time together. And if you go I hope you win alot of money in Vegas!