Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Prim Horse Head Make-Do & Couple Things For Sale

 This is my own pattern.  I actually made the horse head a couple years ago with the intention of making it into a stick riding horse.  That never came about and when I was looking for something else yesterday, came across the head and decided to make a make- do with it.
It is listed on my SELLING BLOG.

I also listed these two items if anyone is interested.
 Chicken feeder with jar - $5 + shipping

 Vintage egg beater / potato masher
$8 + shipping

Once again I've started working on some wholesale orders.  I have to make 40 of these
snowman icicle ornies for mid Sept.  It's a good thing I took a little break from the last time I made these, I was REALLY getting tired of them, LOL


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  1. Oh, neat idea with Mr. Horse. You should make some on a stick too, like the ones we played with as children. I'm gonna be leaning out my home decor too. Trying to get back to simple you know.