Thursday, August 16, 2012

Whimsical Witch Cat Nodder

 I started out to make Moonchild's Primitives Whimsical Witch Cat.  I finished the head and was getting ready to sew up the body when my 5 year old grand daughter picked up one of my old bed springs and asked me what it was for.  At that moment I decided to turn the cat into a nodder.  I'm very happy with how it turned out.  I just wish I was really good at painting eyes.  I ended up doing these eyes in prismacolor pencils. 
I just found a tutorial on U Tube for coloring in eyes with colored pencils.  The artist sure does draw FAST and there is no sound, but it's amazing how she blends her colors and how realistic the eyes look.  CHECK IT OUT HERE  I am in awe!!   Of course she's drawing on paper and I think fabric would have to be harder.  
Do any of you prim crafters know of tutorials for eyes on fabric?


  1. Denise - I think you did great! He is adorable. You might want to outline the inner green area with a darker green shade. I like him.


  2. It's a humdinger Denise. Thank that little one for picking up that old bed spring. Yeh, you can google anything these days.

  3. Denise you won on my blog this morning
    I could not get your email to work
    I need your address please
    congrats and thank you for participating