Saturday, September 08, 2012


 It's rainy and on the cool side today and I am LOVIN' it!!!!   Our neighborhood closed their pools day after Labor Day and a few even earlier than that.  Ours is still open.  :D  I was in yesterday and the day before - most of the day!  Not sure if it will close tomorrow or next weekend, but it's inevitable. 
I finished up this scarecrow make-do for a customer several days ago.  She went to order one like it on my selling blog and it was already sold, so I did a special order for her.

I made one of these adorable lil hanging snowman this afternoon to offer for wholesale on a group I'm in on Facebook.  I will also be making them for my selling blog.  It's from a pattern by Terri Swinhart of 'ISN'T THAT CUTE!'
The hat has wire in it and you can scrunch it any way you want, to hang on a tree, door knob, shelf peg, cabinet door handle, etc.

 We have a picnic to go to tomorrow - the last of the season.  I'm bringing sweet & sour meatballs.  I am so HAPPY that it will be 71 degrees and cloudy - NO MORE MELTING!!  :D
 Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


  1. Don't you love the lower temps? It was 104 here for the last 3 days and only 83 degrees
    today! I love it! But it will be above 90, next week, but I will take that any day over 104. I just love your snowman, what a great idea using wire in his hat...Hope you are having a great weekend!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  2. Denise,
    Love the snowmen! So cute! Can't blame the grand kids wanting their own. Great job on the pumpkin - I'm sure your customer will love it.


  3. Ok hun; along w/Scarlett's Pink hat snowman; I'd LOVE one of these w/the tan hats also...LOL No hurry just whenever you get time...

    Hugs, Shar