Friday, September 28, 2012


 I'm barely making this challenge by the skin of my teeth since today is the last day to enter Karen's Colonial Home challenge. :P  But that's me, always a day late and a dollar short.

 It really didn't take too much thought to come up with my blog's name.  It was given to me by my youngest daughter Nicki.
I've been crafting for myself and family for well over 40 years.  I only became interested in primitive crafting about  5 1/2 years ago when I decided to try my hand at local craft shows.
While I was busy crafting items for one of the shows, Nicki was admiring my handiwork and said " Mom, you're becoming quite the crazy craft lady!"
 It was shortly after my final craft show that I decided to try my hand at selling my crafts online since Pittsburgh just didn't seem all that interested in primitives.  I joined eBay.  I didn't want to use my real name so I opted for Krazy Kraft Lady  with K's instead of C's just to be different.
I don't recall how I found the Prim Mart forum, probably from web searching, but when I joined there I also went by Krazy Kraft Lady.  It was through the forum that I found out about blogging and here I am six years later.   I've since changed my name on eBay to KKL Primitives.  Betcha can't guess what KKL stands for, LOL.



  1. Well now I'm going to have to get after my daughter for not coming up with a cool name for me to use for my
    My interest in prim crafting is very new. I've done a couple craft shows with a friend of mine and after the last one where we watched a booth across from us selling primitves like crazy we decided to stick with that theme for our next one. When I started searching I instantly fell in love.
    I also wanted to let you know that I recently made the oval candlemat from your free pattern. I'm posting it on my blog tomorrow with a link to you.

  2. LOL, I remember seeing the "Krazy Kraft Lady" on the PrimMart forums! Glad I found your blog! ~*~Lisa

  3. Kool name and crafting does get Krazy at times but your work is fab!
    Love those rag trees!
    Best wishes