Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Very First Penny Rug Completed

 It's definitely NOT perfect but I'm told 'primitive' is not supposed to be perfect.  :)
Please note:  All monitors are different - and mine is showing that the colors are a bright yellow and orange.  These are NOT the true colors.  This has been done in muted golds and black.   In person, the golds look like a light brown suede.  Beautiful!

I posted this photo  two posts ago.  The 'top' of the penny rug is 100% wool fabric.
The backing is plain black felt.  I could've used another piece of the black wool, but as my prim buddy Teresa Miller ( Teresa's Prim Treasures)  advised  - it was enough to make ANOTHER penny rug background.  :)  I always listen to good advice!

I've been very SLOWLY working on it as time allowed. 

I was hedging around about adding something to the center.  I really liked it as it was....but my original idea of adding a pumpkin to the center kept niggling at me so I went with it.  This penny rug can be used from Sept. through November.

I added 'vines' in gold

And finally added the backing which is plain black felt and did gold blanket stitches around the entire thing.

I'll tell you though - making penny rugs with 100% wool is NOT cheap!!  Yikes!  I'm going to have to start scouring some thrift shops for wool jackets and skirts!



  1. Fantastic first penny mat! I think you did right putting the pumpkin in the middle!
    Great job!

  2. I love your penny rug. The pumpkin in the center was a nice touch. I think one of the reasons I've fallen in love with primitive crafting is the fact that it doesn't have to be perfect.
    I was looking at wool recently and was shocked at the prices. I totally understood the prices on the penny rugs I saw at the craft show I went to last weekend

  3. It came out beautifully and just enough prim, which they should be. Yes wool is expensive, and I use a lot of thrift. I like thrift for pennies, men's jackets are fun to use, lots of texture and good dark colors.


  4. It looks wonderful! I've wanted to make a penny candle mat for a long time. I must get some wool and give it a try!

  5. Love it! The pumpkin was a very nice touch. I love working with wool, but it is very expensive. I buy it when It's on sale. I also buy wool felt from Joann's and use their coupons. I haven't tried going to thrift shops, but heard you can get some wool at a pretty good price.


  6. Your rug came out great! Love it, plus love that you made a pumpkin. :D

  7. Your rug looks great! I love the colors you used.