Sunday, November 04, 2012


 I designed a new penny rug candle mat pattern and made the prototype.   I took photos of the finished prototype and yesterday was ready to start typing up my pattern instructions.  I wanted the rug in front of me so I could give better detailed instructions................and I couldn't  find it ANYWHERE!  I was only in 3 different rooms so it HAD to be here.  After an hour of searching I gave up.  Last night, when I wasn't looking for it .. I FOUND it....and put it on the dining room table next to my laptop.  The grand kids stopped by waiting to go out to Trick Or Treat - which was canceled Wed. night due to  Hurricane Sandy.  While they were waiting, they had paper and crayons and markers out and when they left to go door to door, I cleaned off the table.  A few hours later I was ready to start typing up directions and guess what.  THE PENNY RUG was missing again!!!!!  AUUGGHHHHHHH!!!!      I must have mistakenly scooped it up with papers that went into the garbage can.  I went through at least half of  the garbage....filled with coffee grounds, ramen noodles, and other disgusting stuff and just gave up.  Even if I found it would be ruined.  At least I did get to take a couple photos of it before it was 'lost' forever.

I will be finishing up the pattern to add to Pattern Mart when I return home from Chicago next week, plus I do have another one in the works.


  1. Holy moly, I would be mad, too! That sounds like something I would do! You might find one of these days....I love it, you did a wonderful job on it and I do hope it turns up!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  2. Sounds like something I would do! I'm sorry your work was throw away! :-(

  3. Oh what a shame and it's so nice too. I really like this one. Who knows maybe it will still turn up

  4. Oh darling, I'm so sorry. Too much chaos led to disaster... LOL. Don't be mad, you'll have to make more of them anyhow, yes :) It is a pretty.
    (> ” ” <)
    ( =’o'= )

  5. It clearly did not want to be "found." It's an adventure star - a beautiful one. I'm glad you got the pics before it took off again. Love this blog!