Monday, January 28, 2013


I'm going to be making another 3 penny rugs for my customer Dolores, starting this week.  The top template is the one I already finished and displayed in an earlier post.  The bottom template I will be using for a 16"x 65" runner for a dresser.  You can see how much larger it is than the top template.  This one is going to take a total of 222 pennies around the scallops ( three pennies per scallop).  Not counting the penny flowers that are going to go in the center.  I am also making 2 - 13" round scalloped penny rugs for bedside tables.  May start on those first.  All will be in the same pretty blues as the first one.
Dolores purchased her wool for the front and backing from Misty Pond Primitives  and the wool felt for the pennies from Felt On The Fly.
My post title says Easier 2nd time around - that refers to making the template.  The first one took me forever, and I was getting frustrated with the side scallops. I walked away from it and the next day, it was a piece of cake to finish it.  The larger one took about an hour and half.  I'm sure more seasoned template makers could make this in far less time.  



  1. You are going to be busy. At least you take the time to prepare things well. I usually just fly into things and then get frustrated when it's not working

  2. Whoa baby! Cool :) Yeh, I've had to do that walking away thing before too and it usually works for me. Have fun!


  3. Denise you have wings instead of the hands? I can' wait to see it. kissss