Saturday, February 23, 2013


I was cleaning out one of my closets when I came across a bag of cross stitch work I made 30 years ago, and never did anything with them.  Only 2 are actually finished and I never did get around to framing them.

This is my dad at the age of 42 with my eldest daughter who was 2 1/2 .  This photo was taken on Valentine's Day 1975.  12 days later my dad died of a heart attack.  This is the last photo of him ever taken.
I decided on a whim 30 years ago (1983) to try to cross stitch him.  This is my result.

I tried to do a cross stitch of my mom as well, but just couldn't get a close enough resemblance.   

Today I came across this blog called Samplers And Santas and just love her 
pear samplers. One day I hope get back to cross stitching and those are what I want to make!  


  1. Denise
    I remembered the time I too did cross stitch. It was pretty popular in the mid 70's. the one of your father is so beautiful. It looks so much like him. What a wonderful job you need. That is priceless


  2. Denise, that cross stitch of your Dad is amazing, it looks just like him <3 I think we all have those bags of WIP's hiding in the closets, I know I have more than a few stashed about! Thanks for the link to Samplers and Santas, I've just gotten back to cross stitching myself and her pear is beautiful! One more to add to my 'to do' pile, which is another whole story!! Deb

  3. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who has projects left unfinished for years. I like all of yours. I've tried cross stitch and just couldn't get in to it. The one of your dad is great

  4. Aww, you did good sweetie. It is a wonderful likeness of your father. So are you! You look like your dad :)
    I just became acquainted with Marly of Samplers and Santas and also love her cross stitching.


  5. you were good! And what a beautiful memory you have there.