Monday, February 04, 2013


     I received the nicest surprise in the mail today from my online friend Dolores.  Dolores is the customer I've talked about in previous posts whom I've been making penny rugs for.  We met through Etsy.  We are up to something like 269 messages on Etsy!!  Most are regarding the penny rugs but we've also been sharing some personal things about ourselves, and getting to know each other.
     Her letter said that she'd been to visit a local Country shoppe and while looking at all the wonderful things they had, thought of me and wanted to get me something to show her appreciation for 'putting my heart and soul' into 'our' penny rug projects and she wanted to let me know how much joy I've given her with my handcrafted items.
Inside the box was this beautiful wooden hand painted PRIMITIVE BLESSINGS plate with tree & pennies!!  And a sheep recipe box because Dolores knows I like to make soup and there are lots of blank recipe cards inside so I can start looking for some more yummy soup recipes.  Thank you so much Dolores, I love them both!!



  1. What great gifts! I love the plate with the tree and pennies! It's beautiful! :0)

  2. What a sweet thing to do and those are beautiful gifts.

  3. What a wonderful, and thoughtful gift.
    You lucky lady

  4. It's a blessing to gain kind and wonderful customers like Dolores. That's so sweet of her and I know you are well deserving of these gifts :)


  5. Wonderful gifts, wondeful friend! kiss Denise.

  6. Denise has excellent taste. Love her gifts to you--nicely done Denise!

  7. Very sweet! Wanted to thank you too for all your wonderful freebies. Been trying to get a top commenters widget on my blog, but for some reason I can't get it to work! Hope you have a blessed day! Laura R.

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  9. To my friend Denise . . . who puts her whole HEART AND SOUl into my Penny Rugs . . .

    Before you examine a handcrafted item, and put it back down saying "it's too much" think of the cost of materials and hours of labor that went into that piece from conception to completion. Then aren't just buying a piece of art, but a part of that person's heart and soul who created it.

    Thank you,