Thursday, March 21, 2013


I just finished this Posie Annie up for Tracy C.  Thank you for your order Tracy!

I have a HP Pavilion Notebook that my son-in-law Ammar surprised me with 3 years ago.  For the last few weeks, the plug that goes into the computer from the battery charger has been loose.  Yesterday, little Bella accidentally pulled on it, and broke off the piece that fits into the computer.  Not realizing that because the plug was loose, my computer wasn't charging anymore and once that little piece broke off - my computer 'died'.  
No big deal right?   
My name is Denise Bailey, and I am a computer addict.
I cannot go one single day without it.
I tried.  
We still have our OLD computer from 12 years ago - the Millenium edition.
I only keep it because it has my Paint Shop Pro 10 program loaded on it.
I can't get into my emails because the current browser doesn't support 'it' and I can't download new browsers because the DAMNED COMPUTER IS SO FREAKING OLD it doesn't support ANYTHING.
Fixing myself a rum and Coke to calm myself down, feeling my blood pressure rising again.
Last night I called Walmart, Office Max and Staples to see if they carried the HP N193 battery charger that I needed to bring my notebook back to life.  While none of them had that specific charger, they did carry UNIVERSAL chargers that 'should' work for $69 and $69.99
Really?  Seriously?  
I was able to get on the OLD computer to search for the battery charger and it took me to eBay where I could purchase one for $12.99 FREE shipping!!!  YAY!!!!  But it would take 6 days to get it.  This addict can't wait that long.
I have crafts to sell.  I have supplies to buy.  I need to download photos of my newest Posie Annie, I need to blog, I have to get on Face Book!!!!
I also needed to get on Etsy.  Luckily I was able to get on there from the old computer, I needed to contact my friend Dolores ( should just get her email!) and was able to send her a message.  She had let me know that she received her penny rug runner and loved it.  I tried Face Book and while I could get on, it took FOREVER to load and I was not able to post a thing.  I had purchased some cute  fabric a few days ago on a group of crafters with overstock supplies and was worried I may have gotten an invoice to pay and since I couldn't check emails, couldn't pay....and couldn't send a message to let the crafter know I couldn't get into emails...............ADDICTED.  I could not function today.  Tom noticed and had himself a good laugh....until I reminded him that he DEPENDED on eBay 
( me) to sell his refurbished gumball machines.  Without a working computer, I couldn't download photos, couldn't LIST his stuff....well, that got him motivated to do SOMETHING.  Like me, he wasn't keen on having to spend $70 on a battery charger, when we need so many other things right now.  So, he got out a knife and started whittling away at the cord on the charger plug and said he 'thought' maybe that the broken piece could possibly be soldered back on.  Problem is we don't have a soldering gun.  The good news is our son-in-law Chris does and he was able to solder it all back together and as this post shows, my notebook computer is back up and running!  And didn't cost a cent.  Thank Heaven for son-in-laws.  xxxxx



  1. LOL Denise, we are quite addicted to our computers aren't we. Glad you got it fixed.


  2. Whewwww, thank goodness Denise, I was getting worried about you!! I think we all need a twelve step program when it comes to these dang machines, life cannot be lived without our internet connections! Glad to hear all is well in your laptop world and your newest Posie is a cutie <3

  3. Oh my, it is horrible when you are so disconnected from the internet. I can't believe you only had one rum and
    Nice to have handy men with handy tools that can fix things. I go nuts when I'm without a computer and I don't even sell stuff