Tuesday, March 19, 2013


This is the 12" by 61" runner I made for my friend Dolores' bedroom dresser.
This is the rest of the set.

I am going to be a gramma for the 5th time in early October!!
Bella is excited to be a big sister.  She will be 4 end of October.
If the baby is a girl she will have my name for her middle name  :)
Two of the names they are considering is Nesreen and Yasmine.  
Mom and Dad are having a hard time agreeing on boys names.  My daughter likes Jasper (REALLY????) and I absolutely hate it.  LOL  But like I told her, it's her baby and she can name him/her anything she wants.    She likes Jasper Jax on General Hospital.  Anyone who watches that  soap KNOWS they call him simply Jax!  Jasper..................hoo boy.



  1. Don't watch GH but there is a Jasper in the Twilight movies....... :) Almost named my daughter Sapphire 25 years ago then i thought people might nickname her Sappy or something lol.....ah the naming of a child...so much fun! LOL! Hugs! deb

  2. Congratulations. My ex husbands entire family hated the boy name we had picked out for our son and like an idiot I let them talk me out of it.

    The table runner and all the other pieces look fabulous

  3. Gorgeous penny rugs! Congratulations gramma :) I love the names, even Jasper :)


  4. Congratulations Denise and LOL on the names; my SIL wanted to call her youngest 'Stormy' when she first found out she was preggers, we asked her if she wanted to make sure that her youngest daughter became a stripper when she grew up?! She did end up deciding against 'Stormy' as a first name, but still added it to the poor childs middle names :O/ But like you said, their kids, their decision! Great table runner finish too, love it!