Saturday, March 30, 2013


This is an Annie I made for my friend Dolores.  And this is my 6 yr. old grand -daughter Ayden Grace holding her.  I love how Annie turned out.

While I was waiting for the burgundy buttons that Dolores ordered for Annie, I decided to work on some pennies for a Patriotic penny rug mat I've had in the back of my mind.
The pennies are all made, I just have to cut out the rug top and backing but it's doubtful I will get that done this weekend as I've been taking care of Ayden Grace today and in between playing on the computer with her ( Webkinz and Doll House Maker) I've been doing some housework and getting ready for Easter dinner tomorrow.
There will be 16 of us.  I only have 4 dining room chairs, so this will be FUN!  LOL  I do have a card table with 4 folding chairs and my friend  & next door neighbor Nancy says she has some folding dinner trays and chairs I can use.  We always seem to manage.
Our Easter menu:
Ham & ham gravy, raisin sauce, mustard sauce, mashed potatoes, candied sweet potatoes, coleslaw, green bean casserole, broccoli & cheese, dinner rolls & butter, cranberries, banana split trifle and orange dream trifle for dessert.
Happy Easter to all who celebrate this special Holiday!



  1. Love the Annie! Happy Easter! :0)

  2. I love your new Annie, I am sure she will be a treasured little doll. Dinner sounds yummy, have fun and Happy Easter.

  3. Yes, "Annie" will be a treasured little doll . . . I'm Dolores, the one adopting Annie . . . she will be coming to a good, loving home . . . I can hardly wait for her arrival. She came out so beautiful . . . I never realized how BIG she was until Ayden held Annie next to her. I am so fortunate to have found Denise . . . she has been my personal handcrafter since January hehehehe Her work is beyond measure . . She is a very talented, gifted, and creative artist . . . with a true blessing . . . I admire all her handcrafted items each day . . . and will cherish them always . . . She brings me so much joy . . . Dolores

    1. That Annie is adorable. After reading your menu I realize I forgot to make
      Hope you are having a wonderful Easter