Sunday, March 10, 2013




My friend Dolores really liked Ayden Grace's doll's braids and wished that she had thought to ask for them when she ordered her Posies doll, so I said I'd be glad to give her a new 'do.  I love the braids.  Now my other 2 granddaughters want one too, so when I'm finished with the remainder of Dolores' order, I will be doll making for them as well.

Had a wonderful visit with my sister Diane this weekend!  It flew by too fast though.  There is a slight chance that my daughters, grand kids and I will be able to drive up to MI for a weekend visit either in April or May.  Diane is planning to come for a full week in July and our sister Donna will be coming at the same time from Indiana.
My youngest gd Bella, was 3 end of Oct. and Diane's gs Avery was 3 March 1st.  For the most part they really played well together, but Bella while she is a girlie girl - loves princesses and dolls and tea also rough and tuff and likes to tumble and tackle, much to Avery's dismay.  She kept calling him Adrian and he'd reply " my name is Avery".  After a half dozen times he just gave up and answered to Adrian.



  1. Love the 'new do' on Posie, she is so cute! And speaking of cute, look at those two kids, they are adorable. Hope Avery gets over getting a 'new name' from Bella LOL! Deb

  2. Gotta love those braids! What a all-around little gal! So cute ~*~Lisa

  3. Both dolls are so darling, but the braided hair "after" version is kinda cuter. Denise, you are so creative as always :)