Saturday, April 27, 2013


     We did not end up going to Atlantic City after all.  The room rates at the Tropicana, where Tom prefers to stay were higher than he wanted to pay.   So instead of leaving Sunday as planned, we left Tuesday morning and drove to Bedford, PA & Hummelstown, PA to do some antiquing.  From there we drove to Lancaster, PA.  We were very surprised at how 'slow' it was there.  Not as many people this time of year as there has been in the past.  I can only assume the economy has something to do with it, and gas prices, not to mention turnpike tolls.  Although gas prices further East were 40 cents cheaper than here in Pittsburgh.
     I did make it to Amish Trader, a wholesale craft supply store.  I was disappointed  in that supplies on the shelves were very low.  It looked like a truck had come in, as boxes were everywhere, but we only had one day in Lancaster and I wasn't waiting around to see what had come in and what had not.  Sadly, most everything is imported from China.  There was some lovely pottery that was locally made, but not ideal for me to purchase and resell as they were on the heavy side and shipping prices wouldn't have been economical for my selling blog.  More ideal for a brick and mortar shop.  I did purchase 5 yds each of this homespun fabric, that I did not already have in my 'stash'.
One is gold & black checks and the other is tan and burgundy checks.

     I picked up a few things to use in my crafting, but nothing worth mentioning.
I bought myself a new Park tablecloth called Hearth & Home You can see part of it in the photo above.  It's barn red with tiny tan stars and black vines.  The border around the tablecloth looks like this:  I can't believe what I paid for this.  I must be out of my mind. :/
I also bought a new Park shower curtain & window curtain called Thyme.  The tablecloth cost more than the shower and window curtain combined. :/

     The 3 older grand kids all play softball/ baseball and today we were busy going to practice for the younger girl and games for the other 2. The weather is sunny, warm and pleasant. I even got a little sun burn today. This evening the family is coming over for cake and ice cream for our middle daughter's 37th birthday.
     Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


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  1. Great homespuns, I am always stashing up on them, when i hit the stores, can never have enough;)