Wednesday, April 03, 2013


     Tom and I left Monday morning for our bi-annual road trip to the Chicago area.
It started off with a light mist of rain leaving Pittsburgh, then by the time we got to Cleveland there were snow flurries.  Once we got past Cleveland, it was bright and sunny all the way to Maumee, OH.   We got off the turnpike to have lunch and do some antiquing.  Just as we made a right hand turn to go to Frickers for burgers, horns started honking.  We had no idea who they were honking at, so we continued 2 blocks to Frickers.  I got out of the truck first and walked around to the back and noticed our tailgate was down.  Uh Oh.  Our luggage was in the backseat but Tom did have boxes and some other stuff in the back.  I asked him if anything appeared to be missing.  He said the cooler.  I started laughing, because now it dawns on me why the car horns.  He ran the 2 blocks back to the red light and sure enough, there it was.  Unbroken.  Inside was ice, a couple bottles of Corona, soda, water & juice.  Everything was in one piece.  Before we left Pittsburgh, we had to make a stop at the Post Office to mail a package and our bills and Tom must have forgotten to put the tail gate back up.  We rode on the turnpike for 3 1/2 hours with the tail gate down.  We are very LUCKY that cooler didn't fall out on the turnpike.  That could have been so dangerous.  I can highly recommend this cooler - haha - it's a Kendall.
     The only thing I've purchased so far has been a double sized blue and white quilt.  I couldn't believe the price - $12.  The tag read that it was machine stitched ( so more than likely a store bought quilt) but I only want to cut it up and use it in my crafting anyway so I don't care where it came from, just that it was very affordable!
     Monday evening after antiquing we drove on to South Bend IN to spend the night.  Did more antiquing there yesterday morning and then drove to LaPorte IN to antique some more.  Neither Tom or I found anything we had to have.  We arrived in St. Charles IL yesterday 4:30 their time.
     Today is our 'shopping' day.  I'll be hitting up some more antique stores, Hobby Lobby and some malls.
     Had a very hard time starting up my notebook computer this morning.  When I turn it on, I get a message that says the internal battery is VERY low so we are going to have to look around to see where we can take it for new battery/repair.
It's always something.  :/



  1. well at least you found the cooler and in one piece. Nice find on the quilt

  2. Loved your story... I don't think any of us can leave on a road trip without something silly happening...that's cool you found the cooler in one piece..Good Cooler!
    Sounds likeyour having fun shopping and looking...Hope you find lots of goodies!


  3. PS don't you have a charger for the notebook? maybe you might want to pick one of those up too...

  4. Nice adventure
    Beautiful quilt .... good for the computer I hope you find to give us news.
    Good ride both!