Friday, May 10, 2013


The original pattern for this angel ornie didn't have as much 'hair' as these 2 gals. So they don't look so 'prim' but I think they are still 'cute'.
My glue gun broke on me so the angel on the right doesn't have her wings yet, but they are navy blue with white stars.  I was thinking of attaching a small round grapevine wreath to her head.

We decided to paint / stain our deck this year.  Tom power washed it and then started the grueling task of painting.  It took him 6 hours just to do one little section.  Sunday, our daughter's boyfriend came over to help and they worked another 6 hours.  Monday it took Tom all day to complete the rest of it. 

Getting started on the rails.
 He wants to put one more coat on the floor.

The deck wraps around to the kitchen side door.

At one time I thought of having a sliding glass door installed where our dining room window is, but then I'd lose my buffet spot.  Dining room is not big.

We need to buy a new pool filter/pump this year.  The previous one lasted us 25 years.  We've had to replace the liner 3 times.  The grandkids are anxious for us to open the pool.

Not feeling well today.  Have had a head cold for over a week and now it's settling into my chest.  Had planned on making cookies today with Bella, hopefully I will feel up to it this afternoon.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!



  1. Painting a deck is a pain but it looks so good when done as your does. Feel better soon.


  2. those angels are so cute.
    The deck looks great. I don't know if my back would survive all that

  3. Sorry you aren't feeling well Denise, hope that you get better real soon <3 We are rebuilding our deck this year, our old one was rotted through in places and no longer safe. Your angels are adorable and hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day! Deb