Saturday, May 04, 2013


I started this doll yesterday.  It's a pattern by Fiddlestix Designs named Rebecca.
Her arms and legs are a bit thicker than what I'm used to for prim dolls but I think she's going to be pretty cute.

 She wanted braids but I told her her hair is too short for braids.  So she relented and allowed me to give her loopy curls.
Rebecca must really like her new shoes, as you can see she stuck her foot out so I could get a good photo.
We are having a difficult time choosing fabric for her dress.  Everything I looked at she nixed, I wanted a dainty floral pattern and she wants one with hearts, so we compromised and she got her way.  An obstinate doll, this one.  

Speaking of dolls.  How in the world do some doll makers make a half dozen or more dolls in one day?!!  I just cannot do it!  It takes me at LEAST 2 days to make a doll.  One day to cut out the pattern, sew it up, stuff it, stain and dry it, add a face.  The 2nd day I dress her and give her hair.  God forbid I have to give her something to HOLD, then it takes another day to decide just WHAT!!
And my dolls fight me if things aren't going their way.  They're always making me jab myself with the sewing needle.  It's a wonder I'm not leaking something from all the pin pricks in my fingers and thumb!  I drank a bottle of water and I swear little droplets where falling from my fingertips.

Rebecca may take 3 days to complete. :/ I'm trying to do some Spring cleaning.  When I say 'trying' what I actually mean is trying to stay off the computer/Face Book/ Blogs.  As you can see it isn't working out too well.  I did get my bedroom blinds washed and the curtains too.  Waiting for the iron to heat up so I can press and hang them.  That might be as far as I get today because in a couple hours my daughter & family is coming over and bringing us cake.  It's a SPECIAL cake.  When we cut into it, if it's pink - we're having a granddaughter!  If it's blue, a grandson!  I'm very excited to find out which.  I won't be eating cake for hours and hours, so there really is time to do some cleaning, but Rebecca keeps calling me, she wants some clothes.  :/


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  1. Glad to know your dolls take days to complete as well, I was worried I was inadequate lol
    She is so cute and her shoes are something to show off