Saturday, May 18, 2013


Granddaughter Ayden wanted a pop tart for breakfast on Friday morning before school.  I popped it in the toaster for only a minute or two and grabbed it with my left hand and SCREAMED when it burnt me, tossing it into the air where it proceeded to land on the kitchen floor and break into half a dozen pieces.  Ayden decided ( smartly) she didn't want it anymore and ate a cold pop tart.  There was a small red mark where I got burnt.  Hurt like the dickens, but it wasn't until an hour or so later that this 'blister' showed up.
It hurts like heck, but is hard.  I imagine when it finally breaks, the pain won't be much better.  Seriously.....a pop tart!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Ouch, that had to have hurt. I remember when my son was around 5 he put a pop tart in the toaster and it actually caught on fire. I walked in the kitchen and saw flames shooting out of my toaster