Monday, May 13, 2013


Finally got a new glue gun and this little grandma looking angel cupboard tuck has her wings and halo.

I have my 3 older grandkids for 2 weeks while their mom is in Oklahoma for some job training/ classes.  I'd forgotten how much time it takes to get homework done, baths, medications ( breathing treatment, eczema med, allergy meds ) plus bribing to get teeth brushed and pjs on...........aie yi yi.  The 13 year old is self sufficient.  All she really needs me for is to cook her some good meals, lol.
My head cold turned into a chest cold turned into bronchitis.  I feel so worn out and I think I coughed up a lung.



  1. I went up into my Attic and found some Treasures . . . put them on ebay and SOLD everything . . . made $1,000 . . . Well, I thought I made that much . . . until ebay and paypal took all their fees . . . YIKES !!
    Since I have such an appreciation for handcrafted items . . . and I know how much heart and soul goes into it making . . . I usually give more than my Crafters ask . . . send words and presents out of appreciation . . . I don't go through Ebay and Etsy . . . send money through Paypal as a "Gift" . . . wish everyone could do the same. I didn't realize what a gift I was really giving . . .


  2. She is one cute angel. Sorry you're still not feeling well. I say give those grandkids orders to paper grandma back to