Friday, August 02, 2013

My younger sister Debra  (59) from Las Vegas had a heart attack on Tuesday.  I talked to her earlier in the day and she was complaining of chest pains.  By late afternoon she had to call 911 and was taken to the ER for an emergency double bypass surgery.  She is doing well, but I haven't gotten to talk to her yet.  Every time I call the hospital she is either sleeping or the phone continues to ring.  I know she needs her rest, but I need to hear her voice.  I'm also worried about her care once she is released to go home.  The only family out there in Vegas is our brother and his wife but they live in Pahrump which is approx. an hour and a half away and they are both ill themselves with no transportation.  It's a bad situation all the way around.  Neither I nor my other 2 sisters are in a position to fly out there at this time.

     I had my yearly visit/exam with my Cardiac Electrophysiologist yesterday.  He is in charge of my dual pacemaker/defibrillator.  After running the typical tests on my device, he determined that one of the leads has deteriorated and not sensing/pacing.    I've had the device for 6 years now and the batteries will be due to be replaced within the next year or sooner.  He adjusted the settings for now but if I continue to feel as I do now ( very tired & get out of breath during any kind of exertion) or worse in the next few days, I will need to go to the hosp. and have a new device implanted.  It's not life threatening at least.  He says it's up to me but mentioned at least twice "quality of life over quantity of life".

     Hoping to get back to some crafting.  I did finish up this Autumn themed rag tree a couple days ago.  It's listed on my selling blog.
Plan to go through my Fall patterns this weekend to see what I feel like making.  Sales have been extremely slow so it's kind of hard to get my 'mojo' going.  Hopefully things will pick up in the next month or so.

Please keep my sister in your thoughts and prayers - I know that she is going to be ok now that she had her surgery but worry about her well being once she goes home.  She's been out of work for nearly a year and jobs are scarce for women her age out there, plus her overall health is an issue.  Thank you and God Bless.



  1. So sorry to hear about your sister. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. In the meantime, take care of yourself as well

  2. Denise, sending healing energy to your sister and hope that she makes a full recovery. And please take care of yourself too, best to get your lead repaired sooner rather than later. If you're feeling fatigued all the time, it could indicate your pacer isn't engaging when it should be? And heaven forbid you need your defibrillator and it doesn't work! Hope your mojo returns and we get to see your wonderful fall creations. Deb

  3. My prayers go out to your sister for a speedy and stress free recovery. The same goes for you. Take care and many blessings to both of you.


  4. Prayers going up for your sister and for you. God holds us in the palm of His hand and He is able to heal and comfort. Hoping that you both will feel stronger each day.