Friday, August 23, 2013


Just finished up this pumpkin shelf sitter for a customer.  

This is a pumpkin doll ( Threadbare Primitives pattern ) I made last week and the first day I listed her for sale, she sold and I got an order for another one that I plan on making this weekend.

The white tassels finally came in yesterday and I sewed them onto the decorative pillow I made for my 13 year old grandaughter.  She loved it.


6 year old Ayden Grace wants Gramma to make her a pumpkin pillow, so that will be added to my 'to do list'.  And whatever I make Ayden, I have to make a duplicate for her 3 year old cousin Bella!

Here is Bella ( she will be 4 end of Oct) in a dress her aunts sent her from Jordan.

and Ayden Grace

and my 10 year old grandson Jonah

Grandbaby #5 ( grandson #2) will be born Oct. 6th if he decides to make the scheduled arrival.  He's making his Mama very uncomfortable and she is hoping he decides he wants to meet his big sister Bella a little bit early.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!



  1. Beautiful family hun. I'd love one of those Pumpkin Shelf Sitters :)... Let me know..

    Hugs, Shar

  2. love your pumpkin and doll Your grandchildren are adorable! I think that's sweet when your granddaughters want you to make them things. those are things they will always remember about their Gramma. have a great day.


  3. Love your pumpkin folk and your grandkids are beautiful! ~*~Lisa