Saturday, August 10, 2013

     My sister was discharged from the hospital yesterday and I'm very relieved to know that a friend of hers will be able to stay with her for a few days.  Deb lives alone and she lives over 2000 miles away.  She was sent home with oxygen, a wheel chair, walker, shower seat and toilet seat riser, which all will make her life a little easier the next few weeks.  She's recuperating nicely from the triple bypass surgery but has been having extreme difficulty with her breathing.  She's always had asthma and chronic bronchitis and I was dreading the news of emphysema on top of that, but apparently she doesn't have it.  Her arterial blood gas is very low.  And she is/was a heavy smoker.  Although she did 'quit' about 6 mo. ago,  I just found out that she started up again when she started having chest pains because it 'relaxed' her.  :(
     I will be having my pacemaker/defibrillator replaced next Monday the 19th.  I sure hope that I will get some energy back once the new one starts to pace like it should.  I feel constantly fatigued and out of breath.  I want to get back to crafting so badly, but I don't even have the energy for that right now.
     I did get in the pool today for a couple hours with a good book.  I had to get out to dry off to use the 'facility' and while sitting on the chair I fell asleep for about a half hour.  I feel relaxed and cooled off though.  :)
 Tomorrow the whole family is going to Kennywood Amusement Park for daughter Deana's work picnic.  Thankfully there are quite a few shaded benches for when I tire of walking.  Should be a great day for the kids, 80 degrees and no humidity.
     Yesterday daughter Nicki took the 3 older grandkids to the library so they could pick out some books.  On the way home they had a conversation about my car ( which Tom got rid of once he retired, so we wouldn't have to have insurance on two vehicles ).  Conversation :
6 year old Ayden Grace: " I miss Gramma's car.  She used to always take us to the park to play."
13 year old Jordyn: " Yeah, and while there we'd help Gramma find pine cones and sticks for her crafts."
10 year old Jonah: " Remember when the police stopped Gramma for going through the stop sign and gave her a ticket?"
Aunt Nicki:  laughing and laughing.
FYI - That was a TOTALLY different time. Two years ago in fact. I had picked the 2 older kids up from school and we were on the way back to my house.  I DID stop at the stop sign, but apparently not long enough to appease the motorcycle police officer that was 'hiding' up on the hill.  Apparently, this left a lasting impression on Jonah.




  1. Oh my heavens, you gals have been having a time. Thank heavens you're strong though and keep on pluggin'. I'll keep you in my prayers. This gettin' old sucks, ha!
    Oh yeh, those little ones don't forget those traffic stops... lol.


  2. Glad your sister is better and I sure hope your new pacemaker helps you.

    Have fun tomorrow at Kennywood.


  3. Praying for your sister and you also; for your whole family. 'Seems like sickness is so prevalent nowadays. Blessings, Danice

  4. Wonderful news that your sister is home and that she has a friend to stay with her until she gets settled; it is so hard when we live so far away from family. And sending healing energy to you and positive thoughts that your pacer replacement goes well Denise, I'll be thinking of you and hope that you will be back to your old self soon, creating your wonderful creations. Deb