Friday, August 30, 2013


     My ICD implant surgery took 3 1/2 hours on Wednesday afternoon.  The Doctor wasn't happy with the incision site that I had 6 1/2 years ago so after he opened it up and took out the 'old' dual device, he made a new incision for the 'new' device.
     While in there, he found that the top lead wire had become unattached from my heart and that's why it hadn't been pacing/sensing.  Heaven only knows how long that was going on since my last visit had been over a year ago.  I would have to say since I had begun to feel extremely fatigued and had shortness of least 7-8 months.
     I had to spend the night for evaluation.  Got into my room at 6:30 pm and I was STARVING.  Hadn't had any food or water for over 26 hours.  At 7:30 a tray finally came for me and Tom had to feed me because I wasn't yet allowed to lift my head or fully sit up.  Dinner consisted of potato soup, turkey, plain mashed potatoes, green beans, a dinner roll & a cookie.  I am not normally a BIG eater but I was still hungry.  Another tray came in at 7:45 and the worker saw that I already had a tray and turned around to take the new one back.  Tom said " you can leave it here, she's still hungry".  This tray had chicken salad on a croissant, fruit cup & a slice of apple pie.  I ate the sandwich &  fruit and Tom ate the pie.
That chicken salad was 'THE BOMB'  :)
     Wasn't sure what time I was to be discharged yesterday, so I filled out a lunch menu and ordered another chicken salad croissant.  Wouldn't you know I was discharged 10 minutes before they started to serve lunch!!!
     I have limited use of my left arm for 4 weeks.  No lifting it more than shoulder height and no lifting anything over 5 lbs.  My biggest concern is HOW THE HECK AM I SUPPOSED TO CURL MY HAIR???  We have a 4 day trip planned to Atlantic City in 2 weeks.  Without it curled I look like a red-headed Moe Howard ( from the 3 Stooges).  Maybe I can teach Tom how to use my curl iron/brush.  Or shop for an Eva Gabor wigs...... hmmmm that's a thought.



  1. I am glad your surgery went well and prayers for a speedy recovery. I get my hair cut so I can wash and shake, lol. I hate messing with my hair in the bathroom, so it has to be shorter or long enough to pull back.


  2. so glad to hear your surgery went well. Well if you can't lift your arms to curl your hair you could always buy a really cute hate :)

  3. Oh no, don't put that curling iron in someone else's hand... ouch! Get yourself a wig. Or better yet, use your fashion sense and don a snazzy scarf or head band.
    You should have snatched that lunch and taken it home with you :) Take care now.


  4. Oh Lord, if hubby trys to curl your hair you may be bald before its curly. lol. Good luck on the next four weeks. Surgery can be a pain before and after. Wishing you luck and lots of prayers. Connie

  5. glad you came through your surgery. Get better soon.


  6. I'm glad your surgery went well and hope you heal quickly! Love your prim pumpkins!

  7. Been missing my blog reading...sorry you had to have surgery, hope you are better soon! You can buy some pretty hats! ♥Lisa

  8. Been missing my blog reading...sorry you had to have surgery, hope you are better soon! You can buy some pretty hats! ♥Lisa

  9. Hi Denise,
    Thank you for following my blog! I love new followers :)
    I adore your blog! I am so excited to follow you back.