Friday, November 22, 2013


Happy Friday!  I've been busy all week finishing up some orders and here are two of my latest ones.  Twig Snowman design by Blue Moon Beginnings and the Gingers are a design by Bird In The Hand Primitives.

I plan to make both of these for my selling blog, hopefully will have them finished in time to list this week.  Time is getting away from me.  
I have so many patterns that I want to sew but these seasons are just moving TOO FAST for me.  It's probably time to start on Spring items and I haven't made a whole lot of Christmas things yet this year.  :/  ~sigh~

My younger sister Donna from Indiana will be arriving on Monday.  She'll be staying with us for 2 weeks.  Looking forward to some 'sister time'.

Enjoy your weekend!



  1. Adorable Denise and I hear ya' about time getting away, how in the heck is it mid November already?! Enjoy your visit with your sister, Deb

  2. I never mastered the art of getting things done ahead of the seasons and am actually still working on a Thanksgiving piece, although I am intending to keep it for myself. Have a wonderful time with your sister! ~Roberta

  3. LOVE your snow guy and gingers Denise!!! Sister time is very special, enjoy! ~*~Lisa

  4. These are gorgeous! I love your Twig Snowman, he has so much personality! New follower here. :) Sarah @ (come and say hello on my blog!)