Thursday, December 12, 2013

I've been sick with a head / chest cold for the last 9 days.  Blah, humbug.
Had my 4th colonoscopy yesterday and polyp free for the 3rd time!  As anyone who has had this procedure knows, the prep is the worst part.  Everything else is a piece of cake.  The previous 3 times I had to take GoLightly.  HORRID.  This time around I was given MoviPrep. Less to drink, no less HORRID and still wasn't able to finish it.  Seriously, 'they' have to come up with a much better prep.  I would rather have enemas all day long than have to drink this crap.  Ok, more than anyone wanted to know, lol.
Moving along, 
I got a special order for a set of prim usable pot holders.  Never made them before, but thought I'd take a crack at it.  Mine came out larger than the usual pot holder and doesn't have a hanger on it.
 Can also be used as a hot pad for hot dishes.

My youngest daughter Nicki (32) is graduating Magna Cum Laude tomorrow night for Early Childhood Education from Carlow University.   When she was in high school, she didn't apply herself and was more interested in her social life.  She graduated but with just passable grades.  At the age of  25 she decided she wanted to get into teaching.  She signed up for the appropriate classes at Pittsburgh Community College, part time while she continued to work.  Two years ago she quit her job to attend Carlow University full time. 
CONGRATULATIONS NICKI  ~ We are so proud of you!!


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  1. uggggh! I can't imagine going through a colonoscopy prep 3 times! I hope you are feeling better from the cold you have, that stuff is going around here in our area too. Love the hot pads, the are perfectly prim.

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