Monday, January 20, 2014


Both the bunny nodder and bunny doll are available for sale on my selling blog.
 I am currently working on some wool felt strawberries for a project I'm working on.  Will post photos when finished. 
I had 3 different virus' on my computer back in November.  I tried to get rid of them myself to no avail so my youngest daughter's boyfriend Bob, loaned me his laptop and took mine to see what he could do.  He also was having no luck so set it back to factory settings. Thankfully he'd thought to save all my documents and favorites on a flash drive.  Even though when I got my laptop back 2 days ago, I had to reinstall my favorite programs.  I lost nothing that was important to me.  I would have been heartsick to lose all the family photos I have stored.  It took another day and a half for my laptop to install Windows updates.  I liked the idea of having a flash drive to back up my favorite 'stuff' so asked Bob if when he was out shopping on Saturday if he'd pick me up a couple.  He advised me to instead purchase an external hard drive.  He found one at Walmart for $54 which was a pretty good deal.  So I had him pick it up for me.
Now I won't lose anything should I get another virus or my computer crashes. Believe me, I'm going to be more careful about what I download from now on! 


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  1. Love these rabbits...too cute! Sorry to hear about your computer...I had a similar experience and luckily, my son is the computer geek of the family!

    Have a blessed week!