Friday, February 21, 2014


 4 year old Bella loved the Welcome Hare door hangers I made for a customer and selling site, and asked if I'd make her one in pink.  But WITHOUT the paint on the edges.  To her that looked dirty and she wanted a clean one, LOL.   She also wanted it to be a pillow that she could put on her bed, didn't want to hang it on her door or wall.  Her tag says BELLA. 

The Welcome Hare wall hanger I had for sale did sell and I'll be putting another one up either tonight or tomorrow (below)  All that needs finished is the ears, tail, painted edges and tag.  I have Bella and her baby brother today so I doubt I'll get a chance to work on it until this evening.
Have a great weekend!


  1. Bella is a girl who knows exactly what she wants isn't she. So cute. She really looks happy with her pillow

  2. LOL! Now that's a little gal that knows exactly what she wants! Too cute Denise! Wow, the bunnies are so much bigger than I thought. Love all your different fabric combinations too! ~*~Lisa