Friday, April 11, 2014


 I had an idea for a mouse pattern right before I went on our trip.  I had just finished up all my orders and wasn't planning to work on anything else until we returned from our trip.  So I drew up the body pattern and sewed it up.  I wasn't happy with the head and pitched the prototype in the garbage can.  At the last minute I decided to stuff it in a drawerI took it back out and set it on my craft table.  While away, one night I dreamed about the mouse and got another idea.  I was going to keep it and continue working on it.  It was originally going to be a country mouse.  Once I got the face stitched, he ( it's definitely a 'he' ) had an expression that to me, looked like 'attitude'.  So the plan was to make him a mouse 'dude' with 'tude'.  I had an idea to make a certain type of hat for him but once I got it made, it looked like 'something else', so my mousie got another change, lol.  This time it's permanent, although my 'tude' mouse might still be in the works.

Let me introduce Sheriff Rupert Thibideau.  He's a French mouse from Texas whose ancestors date back to the 1600's.    Rupert's surname is derived from the French personal name Theobald meaning bold or brave.  An ancestor on his mother's side was said to have been a Constabulary in France under King Francis I.  Thus, Rupert was destined to become an official protector and keeper of peace between mice and cats. 

 Sheriff Rupert will soon become an e-pattern.