Tuesday, July 08, 2014


 I kept my word.  I fully intended to get in my MESSY craft room and straighten it up.  Took me 3 days.  Now the trick will be to keep it this way.   I swear it's those darned goblins that sneak in at night when we are sleeping and get mischievous.

Seriously, how am I supposed to get in here to get some work done?
It's like going through a maze to get to the sewing machine

Who left the file cabinet drawers open?  Who messed up my patterns??

I have a carpet?  Who Knew!!!!

Work space!!

Now what do I do with all the junk I moved out and is now cluttering up my hallway and dining room table??  :/



  1. seeing your before picture made me feel so much better. Now I know that I'm not the only one who does that to my craft room. Your after has given me hope that I may one day find the carpet in mine :)
    As for the stuff cluttering your hall and dining room table, since it's no longer in your craft room does it really even exist any more?....lol

  2. lol sounds like my sewing room, sure looks good when I move it all out but then when it has nowhere to go but back in, mercy! lol! your space looks great, lots of createtivy going on in there!


  3. LOL, I am so happy to see that I am not alone! Mine was looking lovely a couple of weeks ago but not so much now. Good luck keeping it looking this way my friend!