Saturday, July 05, 2014

 I weighed myself the morning we left for vacation and I was down to 211.  The bad news is I gained 6.5 lbs over those 2 weeks and the good news is as of this morning ( being home for 6 days now) I lost 5.5 of those lbs. 
I did go to the Dr. on Thurs and I was right, I have acute bronchitis.  She must have determined it was bacterial because she gave me a script for an antibiotic.  I'm also taking Prednisone for 6 days and cough syrup with codeine.  I am starting to feel a bit better, but can not stop coughing!  It is driving me CRAZY.  Thursday was the first day I'd been out of the house all week, and that was just to go to the Dr.  Yesterday I felt well enough to have my morning coffee & breakfast out on the deck.  I went out several times to just sit and read and enjoy the cool breeze, so unusual for July.  Thurs. night taking the cough syrup before bedtime as prescribed, I had my first good night's sleep since we've been home.  I was looking forward to the same thing last night.  Not to be so.  At 11 pm I was getting comfortable, had my CPAP mask on and pretty sure I was about to drift off when I got a horrible tickle in my throat and went into a coughing fit.  Never thought to take off the mask, thinking that if I took a drink of water ( keep a bottle beside our bed) I would be fine and could settle back in.  Water didn't work, throat spray didn't work, nor cough drops.  I finally tore the mask off but it was too late, I had gulped down too much air and had incredibly painful intense pains in my abdomen.  The coughing began again and along with it I expelled some air which sounded just horrible, somewhat like a foghorn!  This went on for HOURS.  It was 4:30 am before my stomach stopped hurting and I tried to lie down again.  Took a while before I fell in a restless sleep and the phone rang at 7:30 waking me up so I only had 2-3 hrs. of sleep. 

I've decided today that I'm going to get in my craft room and CLEAN and reorganize.  I'm starting with my fabric stash.  It started off pretty good a few years ago....

 today, not so good . . . .
 ...So I decided to try out a pinterest tip of using comic book backings to wrap the fabric in 
( like mini bolts ) 

How 'neat' are these looking?  :)  I'll be spending my eve wrapping up my fabrics and will post a new photo when they are finished.  I will also be organizing them into colors groups.



  1. I have displaced ribs, so the minute I think I am getting a coughing cold, I go on antibiotics, I cannot get bad coughs. I hope you feel better soon, organizing is always a good way to keep busy and feel better too.


  2. So sorry you are still unwell Denise, hope the antibiotics kick in soon and that you've managed to get some sleep. Your fabric is looking wonderful, great idea!