Thursday, August 28, 2014


 One week after Rami's accident, his cast was removed and a piece of gauze and a wrapping was wound around his finger to keep it clean and protected while he crawls.
This is what his finger looks like before they wrapped it.

The wrapping stayed on pretty good for about 3 days until Rami pulled at it with his teeth and loosened one end, pulling the wrapping completely off.  That night my other daughter Nicki and I were having a sleepover at his house and it was a BAD night.  Mommy (Carey) re-wrapped his finger, but it must have been too tight he began screaming.  I loosened the wrapping but the damage was already done and the screaming continued for at least a half an hour.  We gave him some infant tylenol and shortly afterwards he fell asleep.   This was at 10 pm.  He woke at 1:30 am and the screaming began again, for quite a while.  Between his mom, Aunt Nicki and me, we tried to soothe him but he wanted no part of any of us, he was in too much pain.  We were debating taking him back to the ER when the poor baby just cried himself to sleep.  He slept the rest of the night and the next morning he seemed himself again.  Since then, he has learned how to remove the wrapping by pulling with his teeth.  Carey tried re-wrapping but the wrapping was all stretched out by then and not holding at all.  She wrapped the finger in 3 large bandaids to keep it clean.  He's making us a nervous wreck because he keeps pulling those off!!!  And he pulls on the finger or tries to bite it!!!  After the 2nd pull of yesterday, Carey was out of bandaids.  Had to send my sister Donna over to one of Carey's neighbor's home to borrow some as we didn't have a car to go to the drugstore.  That one he left on until evening, when Carey brought us home to my house and then pulled that one off!  Carey is going to take him to the Dr. office where she works to have them wrap it for her today.  I can't believe they took the cast off after only one week, but I guess there was a reason for it. :(


  1. Maybe they will come up with a better bandage. It looks painful, poor baby!

  2. I can imagine how frustrating that was for all of you.

  3. Holy cats, I can feel your stress! I imagine the bandaids were irritating against the wound but ya gotta cover it! Some day this will be but a memory - babies heal fast, that's how they're made - hang in there!!! ~*~Lisa