Friday, August 01, 2014


Hello!  I've been busy the past few weeks.  Tom and I returned last Friday from a trip to Philadelphia for his first NALC Convention ( National Association of Letter Carriers).  We had a great time and even took a day to go to Atlantic City to walk the boardwalk, have lunch and go to the IMAX theatre in the Tropicana. 

Here are a few things I made before our trip and since we got home.
These items have all been listed for sale on my KKL Primitives selling blog.

Tom and I stayed in Center City at the Sonesta Hotel.  We both LOVED Center City, were very impressed with the area and will definitely go back for a visit someday.

  I pulled out some Fall & Winter patterns I am anxious to get started on.  Summer sales are almost non-existent for me this year, hoping it will pick up in a month or two.
Speaking of summer - ours has been cooler than normal for this time of year but I'm not complaining I LOVE it!  
I've lost 21 lbs since April.  Sounds like a lot, but I'm so heavy that no one can notice and my clothes really aren't fitting any differently.  I must have lost it all between my ears.  :/
I still have a long way to go.  I put 5 lbs back on during our trip, but working on getting it all back off. 
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  If it doesn't rain tomorrow I plan on going in the pool and doing some reading.

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