Saturday, August 09, 2014

 My sweet 10 mo. old grandson, Rami, had a horrible accident yesterday.  He got his baby finger shut in a door resulting in a fracture and the tip was partially severed.  It happened on 'my watch', at my home and I'm just devastated.
Fortunately, the surgeons were able to save his finger and repair the damage.  He has a cast on, up to his wrist. 
I thought I would be ok in any crisis, but I found in this one, I was a hot mess.  How I wish it had been me instead of this precious baby boy.  To see and hear him in so much pain, with so much blood was just heart breaking. 
Since my own children were babies learning to crawl, toddlers opening doors, doors were a problem for me.  There were always tiny fingers accidentally getting hurt.  At the most, they required an antiseptic and band aid.   My worst fear was a tiny finger being severed, and 40 years later, it almost happened with a grandbaby.
I'm relieved to say that his Mom says he is doing well and crawling around as usual, the cast doesn't pose a problem. 



  1. Poor kid and i know grandma must feel worse;) I think of that now, with mine, things happened, but with my grandson I am petrified of him getting hurt.


  2. Oh my gosh Denise - how terrible. I am sure I would have been the same way, had it happened to our little Peter or Allie. I am so thankful he is okay and doing well. I'll say a little prayer for Rami's continued healing tonight. Hugs - I'm sure you did the best you could - accidents happen...don't beat yourself are a good grandma!

  3. Oh no! I know what you mean about wishing it had been your finger instead. He is no doubt in better shape than you right now!

  4. Oh Denise, I'm so sorry this happened to the wee guy. But accidents happen my friend, you can't protect them from everything. Sounds like he is going to be OK which is the most important thing. Hugs to you and healing energy to him, Deb

  5. Aww BIG HUGS to you dear lady. We're so lucky the children are so resilient. A lot more than we are :) Our daughter went through a similar incident when she was little. You gotta get you a box of stress balls for things like this grandma! Squeeze and breath, squeeze and breath.

  6. oh what a stressful situation for both of you. I somehow think that little Rami will recover quicker than you will though.

  7. I gasped out loud reading your post Denise. So sorry you both had to go through this! Sounds like your little guy will be healing up just fine. Wishing you peace for your loving Grandma-heart ♥ ~*~Lisa