Wednesday, September 17, 2014


 Just listed this cutie here
The can is a large sized tomato sauce can that I had hubby primer for me and then I painted it and 'grubbied' it up some and added a pumpkin label.
There are 8 various sized pumpkins, the larger ones have leaves and they all have curly Q
tendrils.  I inserted some preserved Sweet Annie as well as Spanish moss.

I did start on the fabric acorns with 'real' acorn caps.  The pattern I had was really way too large for the caps I found in the park yesterday, luckily the designer gives permission to resize.  This is all I have finished so far.
My fingers are too big for a project this small, lol.  
Hubby drove me to a local park yesterday afternoon where I knew they had some Oak trees.  Not a whole lot of acorns have fallen yet.  Took me about 20 minutes to pick up the ones that weren't broken up and then I started to get really nauseous and a headache.  I took what I had gathered back to our truck and Tom started up the engine.  I told him to hang on, I still wanted to gather some sticks for some snowman projects.  After 5 minutes, I was ready to leave.  I felt so sick.  Tom says he believed it was from all the bending over, standing up, bending over....blood rushing to head, not enough oxygen.  I hoped he was right because I really felt bad.  We headed home and I laid on the couch with the fan on for about a half an hour.  I felt much better by then, so I guess he was right.  I was worried that I got that bad virus that is going around.  By dinner time I was feeling pretty good so we went out for hot wings & Yuenglings and then to Tom's sister's house for cake and ice cream, as it was her husband's 70th birthday. 
Tomorrow, I plan to work on at least one more Autumn project and maybe some more acorns.


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  1. Love your snowmen and acorns! (if you are ever in need of caps, let me know, we have a ba-jillion!) The same thing happens to my mom when she bends over, glad you are ok. ~*~Lisa