Saturday, September 06, 2014


 Rami has been driving us crazy the last 2 weeks, kept pulling his bandages off first with his teeth and then just yanking them off.  So worried he was going to hurt himself.  His little nail was turning black and lifting up from the nail bed.  Really looked gross, but the worry was that it would snag on something and be pulled off before it was ready to come off by itself.  I must have put 5 new bandages/wrappings on it yesterday until I ran out.  By evening the nail was just 'hanging by a few threads' so we decided to just let him crawl around and hope it would just fall off and that's exactly what it did.

This was the back of his finger after it was reattached.

Now, you cannot even tell it had been resewn, there is no scar.  I tried to take a pic but he wouldn't hold still, lol.

This was his finger one week after the finger was reattached.  That also healed nicely except for the nail itself which turned black and really didn't resemble a nail anymore.

This is his finger now after the nail fell off.  There is still a piece of nail or skin hanging on, can't tell because he barely held still long enough to take this pic.  If it's skin, Carey will just leave it alone, but if it's a piece of nail she will clip it while he's asleep so it won't catch on anything.
Rami with my sister Donna who has been visiting the last 2 weeks.  Today is Donna's last day, she goes back to Indiana tomorrow and is very sad.  lol
We had a great time.


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