Tuesday, September 16, 2014


 This was a special request for a repeat customer.  I am really loving how they are turning out.

I think I will have to also make these for my selling blog.  It's a pattern by Hickety Pickety.

I still have at least three more Autumn projects I want to do before I start concentrating on Winter/Christmas.   I have a  Melting Witch pattern and Scaredy Crow patterns from Gracestone Village that are really cute!  And I want to make some fabric acorn fillers with real acorn tops.

I'm so thrilled that little Rami's finger has healed so nicely.   He occasionally puts his finger in his mouth ( which he never did before the accident) and I wonder if it bothers him or maybe feels 'weird' like the feeling is gone from the tip of it - possibly a severed nerve?  He certainly can't tell us, but I do wonder.  He will be a year old on the 26th.  I helped his mom to get him off the bottle and he's on whole milk now, drinking from a sippy cup.  He doesn't even seem to miss the bottle.  It was about time anyway, as he kept chewing on the rubber nipple and sooner or later he was going to get a face full of milk once that nipple broke.
He took his first 3 steps a few days ago.  I have a feeling he will be running by his birthday.  I never saw a baby crawl as fast as he does.  He doesn't crawl on both knees.  One knee only and uses the other leg/foot to push himself. 


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