Monday, November 03, 2014


 I have a fascination with Steampunk items lately.  So I decided to make a steampunk inspired Snowman Top Hat for the Christmas season.
What's unusual is that this hat includes 2 pheasant feathers along with a skeleton key and some odds & ends that I found in my husband's tool box.  Gears are good for steampunk items, but I had none, and was too impatient to wait for a shipment so went with what I had on hand.  Top hat is made of felt and stuffed with polyester filling.
I added some filigree charms,  green beads, a small key charm, a red velvet ribbon, some faux pine greenery and berries and mica flakes.
I love how it turned out and if it doesn't sell, I will keep it for myself.  BUT if you are interested, I do have it listed in my selling blog and on Etsy.

I also listed a new SnowGirl doll made from a pattern by Hickety Pickety.  I made this one recently for one of my return customers
but wanted to try something a bit different with some Christmas fabric I recently purchased at Joanne Fabrics.  Same pattern, but made the head a bit smaller and didn't paint her white, different facial features.  Instead of a wreath around her head, I sewed on some small rusty bells. 
She is also listed for sale on my selling blog and Etsy.


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