Wednesday, January 14, 2015


 This isn't a very good photo, but these are my good friends/ next door neighbors and their two Shelties.  Every Christmas we exchange gifts which usually always involves a restaurant gift card and something more personal.  This year I wanted to make a pillow with a photo of the two Shelties on it but couldn't find one that was suitable.  I located this one with my friends on it and went with it.  I printed the photo on muslin and used a brown suede fabric for borders and the backside of pillow.  They loved it!

Another friend of theirs bought this chair, reupholstered it and then painted a sheltie on it for her Christmas gift to them.  My pillow found a new 'home' on the chair.

This is a Spring Bunny Shelf Sitter - it is for sale and available on my Selling Blog 

This adorable Blue Bunny Welcome Hare Door Greeter is also still available for sale in my Selling Blog or Etsy Shoppe.

This is a Angel I made as a special request for one of my favorite customers.  He and his wife collect snowmen but his children love angels and he wanted me to make this one for them. I'm working on another one to add to my shoppes plus 3 of my granddaughters also informed me they each want one as well.


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