Saturday, January 03, 2015


 Yesterday we said goodbye to our friend John.  It was so sad, but we are thankful for the memories we have.  John served in the navy in the 60's so he was buried in the 'new'  National Cemetery Of The Alleghenies which caters strictly to Veterans of all the armed forces and their spouses.  Very much like Arlington National Cemetery.  It is totally free.  Tom and I have decided that is where we will both be interred as well ( Tom was stationed in Korea in the late 60's)  The Navy provided a beautiful ceremony with a gun salute ( which really shook me) and Teddie was given the US flag that draped John's casket.  It was very emotional.
John was given 3-5 months to live after he was diagnosed with liver cancer.  God saw fit to take him sooner than 3 months and he and Teddie made the best of that time and spent it together and with family.  Tom and I had a discussion about 'would you like to know how much time you have left?'.  He does not.  But I do.  My priority has always been family first.  But, if I KNEW I only had 3-5 months left on this earth, I would  end my crafting 'career' and devote the time left to me with Tom and my daughters and grandchildren.  I wouldn't worry about the house being 'clean' or losing weight, or any other mundane so called priorities.  I would want my remaining time to be in the bosom of my loved ones.

Ok, enough of that!  I hadn't really felt like crafting the last month, but since I DON'T know how much time I have left, lol I am back to crafting.  TAKE THAT Angel of Death!
This is a Penny Rug Tree Snowman.  I had seen something like it at an antique store while on our trip to Chicago in November, but I do not know who the designer is and didn't have a pattern for it, and it was much smaller.  If anyone knows who the original designer is, please let me know so I can give her credit.  The penny rug tree snowman I saw did not have a hat - so the hat is my own creation.
This is available on my Selling Blog or on Etsy.

This Spring / Easter Bunny & Carrot Door Greeter is a pattern design by 
Blue MooN BegiNNings.

It is also available on my Selling Blog or Etsy



  1. The saying that you should live each day, as if it is your last, is so true, you never know. Every day and every moment is precious, so enjoy each one.


  2. Well when you decide to create you sure do rock it!!! AWESOME and so are you!! XOXO Love ya Fran.

  3. So glad to see you feeling like creating again Denise and what wonderful projects. Your friends service sounds like it was beautiful, hopefully you and his family can take some comfort from it. Hugs, Deb