Wednesday, April 29, 2015


 My younger sister Diane is visiting with us from Michigan.  We took her with us last week to Atlantic City for 3 days, Lancaster for a day and then on to the Spring Carlisle Car Show.

Diane is enamored with the Amish and while she knows they don't want or like to have their photo taken, she tried to get some without showing their faces - like while they were driving their buggies down the road.  We were in a moving truck, so none of those photos turned out.  However, we did stop at a hardware store and a horse & buggy was parked in the lot she got that photo.

I bought a few things for myself there, and surprisingly, they are not primitive or hand made.  I am also falling in love with Shabby Cottage Chic and bought these items separately at different shops and put together this 'gathering'.
I placed a bird's nest complete with 3 eggs and a ceramic bird inside the birdcage and entwined the cage with a white floral silk spray.  The letter B is for our last name and didn't realize until I posted the photo that you can't see the 2 birds on the base.  The greenery is one I had for a few years and placed it behind and in front of the B ( which is why you can't see the birds).  The swan is wooden and I bought a small pipberry candle ring to place around it's neck.
I love going into Kings Acres  and  Kings Impressions where they have a real knack for their display gatherings.  Just beautiful.  Their bedroom furniture is to die for (sigh).
My sister and I at Kitchen Kettle Village facing the farmland.

 We also took Diane to Hershey World.  Believe it or not, we did not buy any candy but she did buy a tie dyed sweatshirt for her little grandson.  Look at us...we do NOT need candy  :/

 Another stop we made was in the Harrisburg area where we spent the night at Howard Johnson's.  Next door is the Lancaster Brewing Co. where we had dinner and drinks.  I love the Strawberry Wheat which is what both Diane and I had and Tom prefers Milk Stout.

On the boardwalk in Atlantic City

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  1. Hi Denise, wow, did you and your sister ever have a wonderful trip. You stopped at so many wonderful places. I have been to Alantic City once, and of course I love Lancaster. I bet the car show at Carlisle was awesome also, I love your beautiful shabby chic display. awesome memories and so much fun that you girls had. hugs, Lecia