Monday, April 27, 2015


 I've been playing with vintage images and making collages.  This one I made using vintage sewing images from the public domain and Graphics Fairy.
I made a pillow tuck with this one.  Unfortunately, the colors aren't as bright as in the jpg image above.  I printed the collage out on osnaburg fabric.

With this bird cage collage, I 'darkened' the image for printing on fabric since my first pillow was lighter than I had hoped. 
This is how it turned out printed on osnaburg.
Not happy that it's so dark you can't make out that the images are 'faded' and the colors aren't 'true'.  
 This is another collage I made.
I may have to rethink printing these on osnaburg.  I need to buy more ink and then I want to try printing on muslin to see if the fabric choice makes a difference.

This is a collage banner I made for my Face Book business page.

Heading on out to daughter Carey's for dinner.  She celebrated her 39th birthday with a HUGE house party on Saturday and we are going to feast on some leftovers!


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