Wednesday, April 15, 2015


 Just returned home Sunday night from our trip to St. Charles, IL for the Chicagoland Antique Slot Machine show. 

We've gone twice a year for the last 25 years and never missed a show.  I was debating whether to go this time or not, as I was having shortness of breath and my feet and ankles were swelling and I was feeling 'almost' like I did last year at this same time when I was hospitalized for congestive heart failure.  Almost is the operative word.  It didn't help that I also ate ham on Easter, the day before we left.  I didn't tell Tom as I know he would have cancelled the trip and I really felt if I watched my salt intake and got out of the car every 50 miles or so to 'stretch my legs' and get circulation moving, I would do ok.  I take a lasix pill every other day so I took one on my non-day too.   He was so busy packing up the truck Monday morning to notice my feet, so I got away with it for a while.  When he did notice, he wasn't angry with me but did admonish me for not telling him how I was feeling.  He wouldn't have made the trip, and I knew that, so I kept quiet.  If I seriously felt as bad as I did last year, I would have gone to the ER.  As it was, we stopped at every other rest stop and he walked me like a pet dog.  lol  We stopped off in South Bend IN for the night so we weren't driving for 10 hours straight.
I did pretty well, got some walking in and whenever I was too out of breath, would go back to our room, put my feet up and get some rest.
On our way home while we did drive straight through, we did the same thing, got out and walked around the rest stop.  We were about 5 hours from home and we stopped for a break.  We were one car away from our truck when Tom decided to walk around the car to go to our truck's tailgate for a pop and I walked in front of the car.  I did not see that the lip of the cement sidewalk block was a good 1-2 inches elevated, and I tripped over it.  I didn't JUST fall down....I went SAILING through the air, skid across the sidewalk and fell off the curb into the lot.  My hands and knees were all on fire.  It's a good thing I had jeans on or my knees would have been torn up.  My left knee has a 'brush burn' the size of a quarter and the right knee was boo boo free.  My jeans didn't even have holes in them from skidding - will have to invest in a few more of these.  My left hand took the brunt of the fall and the palm is black and blue.  For the first 3 hours I was in agonizing pain.  I was sure I had at least fractured it.  I couldn't move my fingers at all.  Tom got me some ice out of the cooler and wrapped them in a towel, but it hurt too much so he got me a cold can of pop to hold.  I couldn't grasp it in that hand but used my other one to hold the can against it.  I don't think I've ever been in so much pain, not even when I had open heart surgery and had stomach tubes pulled out ( that was agony) but at least I got pain pills for that.  Pain was shooting from my palm to my wrist and to each finger for a solid 3 hours. 
Did I mention that my week old pedicure got messed up on my big toe when I fell?  Grrrrr
To make a long story shorter, today I can move all the fingers and am able to hold things - though nothing too heavy.  I had a wrist splint I used during the day and at night while sleeping and the pain is now just a dull ache.  I know I should have gone to get Xrays, but we have another trip coming up this weekend and I will not be going in a cast. 
I had my routine 6 mo. checkup at my cardiologist's yesterday and I told him about my feet/ankles and the shortness of breath and he said I did everything right and that I would know when to get to the ER.  Just to be on the safe side, it's been longer than a year since I had a stress test and an Echocardiogram so he scheduled me for an Echo in October, right before my next visit.
Since we were out anyway, if my wrist still felt 'bad' I would have hadTom take me to get Xrays but I really feel so much better and will continue to use the splint for a while.

Enough of that!  We did some antiquing while on our trip and I've been looking for an old coffee grinder for years.  They can be quite high in price but I found this one for $25 and while I suspect it is a repro I just wanted it to display.  I had planned to set it on my kitchen hutch, but the wheel is too high so set it up on one of my jelly cabinets.
My younger sister Diane is driving in from Michigan this weekend and we are going on another road trip.  We are going to go to Atlantic City for 3 nights, Lancaster PA for a day/night and then the Carlisle Spring Car show.  Looking forward to some fun and praying I don't have any more mishaps.


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  1. Be careful, Ne Ne! So glad that you didn't have to go to the hospital, :) Have lots of fun on your new adventure.....

    Bear Hugs~Karen