Thursday, May 07, 2015


 I just finished this cross stitched pear up last evening.  Whew!  It took me 3 days and so many hours to work on this, hubby Tom says I am probably underpricing it at $22.
I don't know anyone who would pay more than that, but I think I'm in the ball park after I did some 'research'.
I'm currently working on another Patriotic pear and I have both a Fall and Winter pear in the works.
I make my 'designs' in my Corel Paint Shop Pro Program and then print out on my fabric and cross stitch / embroider.  My eyesight isn't good enough anymore to do counted cross stitch work, and it gives me a severe headache to boot.
I'm thinking about doing up some e-patterns but I have so much craft work to catch up on that will be at a later date.
Happy Stitchin'!

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  1. I hear you Denise, I don't know how anyone makes a dime selling stitched pieces, they are so labour intensive that you can never recoup the time and energy you put into making them. Lovely pear, a very pretty design!