Saturday, May 16, 2015


 My grandson had his first follow up visit yesterday and thank God, his lesions are clearing up, slowly but surely.  His eye exam showed a few more lesions inside the eye but the corneas are still clear.  Medications continue and he has his 2nd follow up appt. on Wed. of this week.   He's been a trooper and jokes about being 'The Alligator Whisperer', lol.  Many thanks to all of you who have been saying healing prayers for Jonah.  :)

My youngest granddaughter Bella (5) just graduated from Preschool and they had an adorable program for the kids.  Here she is with Mom and Dad and little brother. Congratulations Bella!
Our middle granddaughter Ayden (8) has been playing softball for a few years now and this season she made the All Stars.  Congratulations Ayden!!
It seems we have a family of ALL STARS as both Ayden's brother Jonah (12)and sister Jordyn (15) have been chosen to play in the All Stars games in past years.  So proud of all of them.  :)

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