Tuesday, June 02, 2015


 On April 12th, on our way home from a trip to Chicago we stopped at a rest stop 5 hours from home.  On our way back to our truck, I tripped over an uneven sidewalk and literally flew through the air, landing on my hands first, skidding across the sidewalk on hands and knees.  My left hand took the brunt of the fall and I was in extreme pain.  My palm turned  black and blue immediately and I couldn't move my fingers.  My wrist was swollen,  I couldn't even get up off the ground, Tom and a passerby had to help me get up.  Tom got some ice out of our cooler to put on my hand and even that was untolerable.  After 4 hours I was able to move my fingers somewhat but boy did I hurt.  Tom said I probably sprained my wrist, although I insisted even though I'd never had a broken bone before, that I bet I broke 'something'.   By the time we got home, the pain wasn't as severe anymore so I thought Tom might be right, a bad sprain.  The next day I borrowed a wrist splint from my grand daughter ( just happened to be for the left wrist) and wore that for a few days.  I was still able to use my hand to fix my hair and get some crafting done, so I was good to go.  Five weeks later, I was still swollen and still experiencing sharp pain if I moved my wrist too far to the right or too far to the left and I didn't have full mobility for bending it forward or backward.  I told Tom I REALLY thought I broke my wrist in at LEAST 2 places.  I had him drive me to Med Express for Xrays and it was confirmed that a piece of my ulna ( large arm bone on outer arm that extends from elbow to wrist) broke completely off and was healing over.  On the other side of my wrist was a noticeable 'bump' and it was recommended I see an orthopedic specialist.  I was able to get an appt. the next day and besides the broken off piece of ulna, I had a large fracture from the thumb side of my wrist to the center.  That was also healing over.  I was told my bones were 'nice and thick' ( that's good to know) and since they were healing ok, I wouldn't need a hand cast.  Some ligaments  were probably torn and take longer to heal.  It's been seven weeks now and I'm still in pain.    I can't lift anything heavy with my left hand and pretty limited with what I CAN do but since I can still fix my hair and craft  it's all good.

I have been wanting to make some prim sheep for a couple months now and finally got around to it.  This one is made of muslin and it's pulling a cart I made from a berry basket.
I'd never wool needle felted a sheep before, this is my first one and I liked doing it so will probably make some more. 


  1. Oh my...I am so sorry you have been in such pain. Too bad you didn't see a doctor right away! Hopefully everything will heal correctly and you'll be good as new soon!

  2. Ouch ! ! I hope you are feeling better and the healing is progressing. Your sheep and basket is really cute.

  3. Oh Denise! We both had something a similar experience!!! I can feel your pain...literally! I tripped and fell on an uneven sidewalk a little over a month ago and I am still healing. When I tripped, my arms went out to my sides while my body tried to regain balance and I landed on my face. I still have pain in my cheekbone and jaw but I am so much better now. It sure takes a long time to heal, doesn't it? And it sure makes you feel terrible at first. We were about an hour from our house when it happened. I'm glad you had ice to put on your wrist. I couldn't have made it home without the ice packs the EMS put on my face. Shish...I never knew you could hurt yourself so bad this way. Now I know! Sending you lots of sweet hugs, Diane