Sunday, August 30, 2015


 Wow, this summer sure has flown by!   I went along to the Wave Pool at Settlers Cabin Park with my daughters and grandkids 3 times this summer.   Other days I spent in our own pool doing what I like to do best - keep cool, read and enjoy a cocktail.
We did our annual 2 week family vacation at the end of July in Wildwood, NJ. 
I had gotten my hair cut a few days before we left for Wildwood.  My hair doesn't look a bit like the photo I showed my hairdresser and it's the SHORTEST my hair as EVER been.  She used a hair clipper on the sides and back and it was so short, you could see my scalp.  Worst haircut ever.  Thank goodness hair grows back and now it looks normal again, lol.
We spent a great deal of our days relaxing in the motel's pool.  We are a long block's walk from the beach.  I love to stand in the ocean and let the waves wash over me, but I'm not one for laying on the beach and can't wait to get all that sand off me.
That's me in the back with hubby's hat, hair was so short my scalp was burning.  Daughter Carey sitting in the back on the edge of the pool.  In front of me is daughter Nicki, step-grandson Brandon, his dad Chris ( daughter Deana's husband), Deana in front of Chris and her son Jonah.  In front of Brandon is Ayden ( Deana's youngest daughter) and Rami (Carey's son).  Next to Ayden is Carey's daughter Bella and next to her is Deana's oldest Jordyn.
Me, Tom holding Rami, Jordyn, Nicki, Deana, Chris, Brandon
front: Bella, Ayden and Jonah

They took an hour and went jet skiing.  Bobby (Nicki's boyfriend), Nicki, Deana, Jonah, Jordyn, Chris, step-grandsons Brandon and Christopher and in front, Ayden.
Spent a few hours in Cape May

Dad & daughters
 exhausted babies, lol

Two weeks after we got home from vacation, my younger brother Jim visited us from North Carolina.  We took one day and drove 'up' to Meadville, PA to visit our brother John.  We went to the Linesville Spillway to feed the carp and watch the ducks walk on the fish.
John, me, Jim

I've not done much crafting this summer other than to fill orders for my fabric flowers, but I hope to get started on some Fall/Halloween items this week, but I'm not going to go crazy since it's time to do Christmas items too.  I'm really behind.  
Hope everyone had a great weekend!



  1. You've had a busy summer. Sounds like lots of fun though. I'm about 30 miles away from Meadville and we usually stop at the spillway at least once a year

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful time with your family.