Tuesday, October 20, 2015


 My youngest granddaughter's 6th birthday is Oct. 27th. Momma and Daddy are having a combined birthday/Halloween party for Bella.  They did this when she was 2, 3 and 5.  For her 4th birthday they went away.
This year I'm dressing as Maleficent.  This is the costume I purchased.

I have a hard time finding a costume because I'm a plus size and many of the plus sized costumes are for sizes smaller than I am. Plus some show off the belly and I do NOT want that and neither do you.
My costume arrived yesterday and the gown/dress FITS!!  Hides my belly too :) The hood/horns was a bit large, and I have a big head.  :/  The horns wouldn't stay up and kept falling over my forehead, but I stuffed them firmer with some polyester filling and now they will stand up - as long as I pin some of the excess fabric together in the back of the hood.  I had thought about sewing it, but the large collar of the gown is supposed to stand up and will hide the safety pins.  Although to keep the collar from falling I am going to have to sew some velcro to the back of the hood and inside the collar.  I don't know why the maker of the costume didn't do that to begin with.  The model wearing the costume must be petite, as you can't see her feet.  When I'm wearing it, you can see a part of my ankles and feet and I'm 5'5".  Now I have to wear shoes, was hoping to get by with black flip flops.  Might still go that route to be comfortable.

I've also been viewing videos on Maleficent's makeup.  It sure looks easy peasy when you watch them, but just try to duplicate what you've seen and it looks like a 2 year old did your makeup.
I've been practicing how to make my cheeks look hollow.  Not doing a very good job so far.  The eye makeup doesn't look too bad.  I want to try to apply false eyelashes, that should be a hoot.  I also need to make my sparse eyebrows look fuller and have an 'arch'.  My first practice shot at that was a disaster.  I have a week to work on it though.
At least I won't have to muss with my hair.  It's going to be tucked up into the hood.  Pics to come next Saturday.
Here are two photos from previous parties.  2012 I was 'supposed' to be a gypsy.  2011 a 70's vampire.  Notice the afro wig, lol


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  1. cool costume. you'll have to share pictures when you're all done up. I can't remember the last time I dressed up for Halloween