Friday, November 20, 2015


 One of my repeat customers, Jim, orders at least twice a year from me, at Christmas time and for his wedding anniversary.  Always for handmade gifts for his wife.  It so happens that Jim and I went to the same High School, I was a couple of  years ahead of him.   When I was a junior, we were in the same 'FREE' period in our school's auditorium, where we could read or do homework.  Jim sat behind me and in between homework, we'd pass notes back and forth or whisper, whichever was 'safer'.
We re-connected on Face Book a few years ago and when he saw that I made primitive crafts, he became a steady customer.  The first thing I ever made for him was a prim raven, a Christmas gift for his wife. 
This is his current order:
I love how it turned out, I hope Jim's wife will love it as well.

In appreciation of Jim's steady orders, I would like to promote his business
LaQuay's Custom Metal Work Designs
Jim specializes in Native American style metalwork such as armbands, brooches, rattles, earwear, wristcuffs, hair accessories,  as well as military items. 


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